Tired Of Nonstop Air Conditioning Repairs! Is It Time For Replacement?

Air Conditioning Repairs
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A well-maintained AC can last around fifteen years. However, due to negligence and low-quality elements, they can retire much before that. Thus, if you frequently need to call Air conditioning repairs in Charlestown, it could mean that your AC needs to go.

Air Conditioning Repairs

But if you are still confused between repairing and replacement, continue reading, and the following section can help you make an informed decision!

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repairs Or Replacement In Charlestown?

HVAC repair service is not cheap. So, if your machine is at the end of its life cycle, there’s no need to hold it back. Here are some signs that can help you determine if you need a new cooling system:

1. Signs Of AC Damage

If you need to call air conditioning repairs frequently for these reasons, it may be time to make place for a new AC:

  • Poor airflow results in increased humidity and uneven cooling
  • Frequent breakdowns and boosts in energy bill
  • Refrigerant or water leaks
  • Thermostat problems or hot air blowing out of the unit
  • More dust in your home due to poor air ventilation

2. Age

You don’t have to wait for 15 years to replace your AC if it’s not working well. Generally, AC units start to wear down after ten years. Older parts have lower seasonal energy efficiency. So, if your AC is old enough and showing all the signs mentioned above, feel free to call a pro in Charlestown for replacement.

3. The Cost Of Repairs

Considering the energy bill and repair cost is a helpful way to decide if it’s time to contact an installation service. There is a rule you can rely on to make a decision. Multiply the age of your AC by the repair cost. If the result is strikingly high or more than a few thousand, you should replace it.

Summing Up

So, what do you think? Do you need to repair your AC or replace it with a new one? Regardless, our trained pros at Jet Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Services will be happy to help you with their expertise.

And for more informative tips like this one, check out our blog page and stay tuned!

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