Air Conditioning and refrigeration services in Newcastle, NSW

Split System Air Conditioning

Split System Air conditioning

Are you in search of a trusted Aircon and refrigeration service provider? Need professional solutions for split system air conditioning? Look no further than us. At Jet Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Services, we offer a comprehensive range of split system Air Conditioning services including sales, installation, and repair.

For your convenience, we have kept the pricing absolutely competitive and we are your one-stop solution to all aircon and refrigeration services. We work with advanced techniques and tools to get you fast, flawless, and enduring solutions. Also, we supply only the best quality HVAC devices. To learn more, contact us.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Do you want to install a new split system air conditioner? Looking for a professional and affordable solution? Search no more. Our HVAC technicians specialise in providing accurate installation for various brands and types of ACs. We are trained to handle many popular brands and we can also work on a brand that you prefer. Since we hold the latest training, you can fully rely on us.

Once we are done with the installation, we can get complete and lasting peace of mind. Do you have any queries? Want to get a quote or book an expert consultation? Drop us a line today!

Split System Air Conditioning Repair

Is your Split System AC not working well? Worried about your malfunctioning AC system? No more search required because we are here to help! No matter how mature the problem is – we assure a quick and lasting solution. All our services are available at the most competitive rates. So, repairing an AC by us won’t burn your pocket!

Whether a new problem is bothering you or you have overlooked an existing problem for a long time – we can bring a suitable solution saving you both time and money. Let us get in touch!

Professional Solutions at Upfront Pricing

Feel free to deal with us because we offer a tailored solution at reasonable rates. Contact us today to get a quote. You will get a transparent and all-inclusive quote. Once the job is done, you will be asked to pay the exact amount initially quoted. No hidden charges, no gimmicks. The charge will be determined depending on the complexity of the job and the required labour.

Want to get a quote? Want to discuss your needs with any of our expert technicians? Willing to schedule a visit? Call us today!